New Ukrainian comedies are worth your while

Comedy is the best genre for the family watching. Ukrainian filmmakers have prepared feed for you. Often they were inspired by the great worlds prototypes, but tried hard to do that professionally and taking into account national circumstances.

Adventures of S Mykolay

There is Ukrainian variant of famous Christmas story Home alone with Macaulay Culkin. We are completely tided after boring soviet-union-movies about New Year and need our own adaptation about small boy who protects his house from a thief.  And we got it! The role of a criminal was played by well-known strongman Vasyl Virastuk. He has done it excellent. The plot moves at fast pace, making you empathize to heroes. Believe me, you will be completely uplifted at the end. This is appealing story which will be suitable for children and adults. It looks like, aspiration of Ukrainian government to make people forget about old-fashioned Ded Moroz and to love Sant Mykolay was successful.

11 children from Morshyn

The movie has an ambiguous plot. The story is set in town Morshyn that was based on the place of the meteorite falling, it is rich in rare metal osmium. In the desire to earn easy money, Snigana decides to cheat everyone and seize a valuable item.  But 11 children appear on her way…. Really, it is only one of many other incomprehensible subplots of the film. The authors do not deny that they want to play down with American criminal comedy  Ocean’s Eleven. So you are expected to an insane narrative, overwhelming chases and defending final.

Sex and nothing personal

The remake of Canadian movie My awkward sexual adventure. An accountant has a quarrel with his bride who excused him of having bad sex skills. He met with pole dance girl  at striptease bar. She gives him lessons of passion…. Surprisingly, despite the delicate topic, there are no vulgarity in dialogs. Thanks to comedian Sergey Pritula the jokes are funny and gentle. Finally, this this is not erotic or porno but  story  about relations between man and woman, who decide to have a frank conversation.


Me, you, he, she

The comedy about difficult family life. Maxim and Jana do not love each other. They do not want to live further by habit, so they decided to part. The state gave a couple a trial period. This month is an attempt to make peace, it will bring a lot of interesting things into their lives. The comedic humor of the comedy star Vladimir Zelenskiy is not as primitive as usual. The movie was  filmed in Russian and dubbed in Ukrainian for distribution. The picture is more like a TV series. Although it could be much worse….

Olena Solodovnikova