Dzidzio.Kontrabas: good comedy about bad Ukrainian guys

I have paid for this film with my blood and nerves” – jokes well-known Ukrainian showman Dzidzio. Today he presents his debut comedy «Dzidzio.Kontrabas». This is a story about a young singer and his cronies who try smuggling cigarettes across the border to earn money. But this fraud turns into an exciting journey with chases, gunfights and extraordinary situations.

The film is an example of the new Ukrainian wave product, which is radically different from our traditional cinema. Previously Ukrainian films were boring and addressed only the prepared spectators, then Dzidzio.Kontrabas is aimed at a mass audience. It’s dynamic, modern and uncomplicated.

The film’s heroes speak modern Western Ukrainian slang which is often used in comic reprises. If you ask me to repeat the joke from the film, then I cannot do that. But I was laughing my head off during one and a half hour. This is the magic of this movie; you just relax and enjoy the comedy.

humour is not familiar

The creators are not afraid of touching religion which is very a very delicate topic for the Ukrainian viewers. Guys smugglers dress up as priests, they openly mock the church customs. The typical American humour is not familiar to Ukrainian film-makers, who didn’t used to risk on account of Christian shrines. Ukrainian churchmen are honourable persons, who don’t like being ridiculed on the screen. Nevertheless,  Dzidzio dared to force us to laugh at them genuinely.

The creators propose not a director’s, but a producer’s film. Creative people will hate them, because they made a commercial movie. We are not observing any expensive scenery, but only country houses, church and customs house. We are following fast-paced action. We are admiring talented comic Mihailo Homa Dzidzio and his partners. Among them there is a well-known actor Oleksiy Vertinskiy.  So we watch cliffhanger movie and anticipate its success.

Olena Solodovnikova