How did Kirill Serebrennikov predict his own fate?

Russian film direсtor have made moovie-prediction about his conflict with authorities. The main hero of his story “Student” is an image of young totalitarian society in Russian Federation, and his antagonist is a modern teacher who doesn’t want to be a victim of crazy-system and resist it bravely.

The student is a screwed-up kid, who has leadership ambitions, he wishes everyone followed his thinking way. He obsessively supports Christian church commandments, turning them into farce. He is against sexual permissiveness, homosexuals, divorces, even Thr Darwin’s theory….  The Student is personification of all Russian hell which we have observed over the last years. The school management had called him mad, but then found excuses for his actions. Does not it remind you the behavior of the international community in relation to the raging aggressor? The teacher who tried to calm the apprenticed  Student down was dismissed with shame. Before that she has time to give a speech about totalitarism. But she didn’t go away, she would back and nailed her boots to the floor to be sure that she stay for fighting with the unfair system. The same gesture artist Peter Pavlensky have done, when he nailed his genitals to paving stones at Red Square.

In fact film direсtor Kirill Serebrennikov makes the same decision, he stayed in Russian when political process against him had been started. Officially he was accused of embezzlement, but really every one recognize that he is a victim of Vladimir Putin who truly got hits from the screen. Will he forgive the sagging  Student Serebrennikov? Now the film director has been placed under house arrest, his passport was seized. But where can a man run off, if shoes are nailed to the country?

Olena Solodovnikova