Syrian from Kiev told why people take the side of terrorists(VIDEO)

Tamam Salameh explained where the roots of the conflict in Syria stem from.

–  People had been under the shellings, they didn’t have a weapon. Then Al Qaeda came and asked them if they wanted to remove from power Asad. Will you ask somebody, who resque your life when you are drowing, about his religion? Actually, not. That’s why people got weapon and money from Al Qaeda. The people had no other choice. Have Abama seen that? Of course! He created all conditions for the emergence of such terrorist organizations. He signed a nuclear program agreement with Iran. According to unofficial agreements, after that step the US promised not to hinder Assad.Trump is more sincere and emotional than Obama. When he had seen children dying from chemical weapons, he decided that Assad would not be in power. But I cannot exactly predict how this issue will be solved, because it depends on the conduct of Russia.

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